Robert Peterson, Director

Robert Peterson, Director

Robert Peterson: IC² Institute Director / Associate Vice President for Research

Gregory Pogue: IC² Institute Deputy Director

Isaac Barchas: Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) Director

Sid Burback: Global Commercialization Group (GCG) Director

David Gibson: IC² Sr. Research Scientist

Bruce Kellison: Bureau of Business Research (BBR) Associate Director

Arthur B. Markman: IC² Research Director

Steven Molloy: IC² Associate Director, Operations and Finance


Melisa Ayala CGIE Operations and Social media CGIE 512-410-4984
Isaac Barchas ATI Director WPR 512-305-0048
Marco Bravo IC² Project Director IC2 3.118 512-475-8953
Sid Burback GCG Director WPR 512-305-0039
John Sibley Butler IC² Research Fellow B 2.110 512-471-4788
Rocío Canales CGIE Academic Coordinator CGIE
Bertha Castro ATI Senior Administrative Associate WPR 3.8086 512-305-0005
Margaret Cotrofeld IC² Technical Writer/ Editor IC2 2.108 512-475-8921
Kyle Cox ATI Program Manager WPR 3.8008 512-305-0011
Marten Davies GCG Program Manager WPR 3.8105 512-305-0979
Debra Dzwonczyk GCG Assistant Director WPR 3.11022 512-305-0333
Elsie Echeverri-Carroll IC² Senior Research Scientist IC2 1.124 512-475-7811
Ryan Field ATI Research Associate WPR 512-305-0012
Stephen Finos GCG Project Manager WPR 3.8104 512-305-0978
Coral Franke IC² Senior Administrative Associate IC2 3.120 512-475-8947
David Gibson IC² Senior Research Scientist IC2 2.110A 512-475-8941
Max Green IC² Project Director IC2 3.114 512-475-6711
Chrissi Guerrero IC² Senior Human Resources Coordinator IC2 3.126D 512-475-8954
Theresa Hempel IC² Administrative Associate 512-475-8908
Mitch Jacobson ATI Program Manager WPR 512-305-0049
James Jarrett BBR Senior Research Scientist IC2 1.124 512-471-6990
Monty Jones IC² Technical Writer/Editor IC2 512-475-8974
Rachel Jordan ATI Administrative Assistant WPR 3.8076 512-305-0000
Matt Kammer-Kerwick IC² Research Scientist IC2 1.120
Bruce Kellison BBR Associate Director IC2 1.114 512-475-7813
Yeolib Kim IC² Graduate Research Assistant IC2 512-475-8919
Rodney Klassy IC² Project Manager IC2 3.116 512-475-8975
Leonid Kurza GCG Training Specialist II WPR 3.1004
Francesca Lorenzini IC² Research Associate 512-475-8959
Shannon Lundquist ATI Senior Administrative Associate WPR 512-305-0020
Arthur B. Markman IC² Director of Research IC2 1.122 512-232-4645
Lydia McClure ATI Senior Program Coordinator WPR 3.8008 512-305-0011
Antoni Miranda-Aranda IC² IC2 Research Associate IC2
Steven Molloy IC² Assistant Director IC2 3.126F 512-475-8963
Heath Naquin IC² Program Manager 512-294-1405
John O’Neill GCG Project Manager 3.1103 512-305-0083
Deborah Peterson GCG Administrative Associate WPR 3.11040 512-305-0331
Robert Peterson IC² IC2 Director IC2 2.110D 512-471-9438
Gregory Pogue IC² Deputy Director IC2 3.112 512-475-8961
Prentiss Riddle IC² Senior Systems Administrator IC2 1.116 512-475-8970
Glenn Robinson GCG Program Manager WPR 3.11020 512-232-8090
Carlos Ross CGIE Director CGIE 512-410-4984
Alan Schogoleff GCG Program Manager WPR 3.11026 512-305-0332
Diane Skubal IC² Administrative Manager IC2 3.126E 512-475-8935
Barbara Springer GCG Program Manager WPR 512-305-0985
Keela Thomson IC² Research Associate IC2
Jim Vance GCG Program Manager WPR 3.11028 512-232-3590
Cindy WalkerPeach ATI Program Manager WPR 512-305-0400
Marie Warden GCG Senior Program Coordinator WPR 3.11024 512-475-8359
Cliff Zintgraff IC² Program Manager 512-475-8930