GCG International Biz-Dev

What are the services that GCG provides during the international business development phase of a program? Read a list of typical activities, but first take 10 minutes to view these short videos about real situations.


Strategic planning is key. A high-level GCG connection and a thoughtful look at potential uses and markets paid off for a clean-burning fuel from India, as seen here:

Jim Booth discusses work for a safe and responsible alternative to charcoal.

How did the GCG and UT brands make conversations with world-class companies possible for a small Korean company? How does advance research contribute? Watch this:

Al Schogoleff talks about his success for a flame-detecting safety device.

An innovation in early stages of development requires a strategy to connect with partners who can provide the testing needed before it can be widely commercialized, as seen in this video:

Valerie Hase talks about work for the inventors of a process to create nano-diamond particles.

GCG business development managers often have to help innovators through several big challenges. Watch this story of overcoming obstacles with a multi-million dollar result:

Jim Vance discusses efforts and results for an automotive AC muffler technology.

Here’s an example of how we set a realistic strategy for the inventors of an electron microscope and helped them reach an international deal worth close to US$1M:

Erik Azulay explains how the work progressed for an electronic microscope.

GCG business development managers use their own business experience to train innovators and new business owners the art of the perfect pitch to win over new clients, as seen here:

Adam Bates describes how he helped a social media company secure a new client in the U.S.

Early-stage bio-technologies are often a hard sell. But demonstrating measurable benefits can be done, even when the science hasn’t yet been productized, as seen in this video:

Jim Vance describes work commercializing marine bio-actives.

Sometimes the most important aspect of a deal is not the dollar value but the reputation of the partner. In this video, hear the story of the benefits of partnering with an industry leader:

Erik Azulay discusses a great opportunity for an innovation for power plants.

Getting the first US customer is a turning point for Mexican businesses wanting to go international. Connections and support from GCG can make it happen, as seen here:

Barbara Springer tells how she helped a company with mobile app development services.

GCG connections and support swing both ways. US companies seeking new partners come to GCG for recommendations for potential new partners and GCG offers them a portfolio of credible companies from which to choose, as seen here:

Hugo Jimenez, CEO of LuvBeats, discusses how GCG paired him with a mobile app development company.

Watch this story of how a GCG manager helped an Indian innovator with a socially-responsible technology with a worldwide impact obtain US$5M in capital and a US$3M joint development agreement in the US:

Jim Booth discusses the business development success attained for a waste-to-fuel recycler.

International business development is a multifaceted process. We leverage the knowledge and experience of the GCG business development team to expand innovators’ commercial opportunities.

In the clip above, three GCG managers talk about why and how we do it.