Technology Assessment Researchers

“Working with the Global Commercialization Group on technologies from three different countries has given me a truly unique opportunity to be exposed to some of the great innovation taking place around the world.”
-Mike Breck, MSTC 2006


The Application Process
Our application process has been designed to give GCG program managers an opportunity to get to know you and your work. In addition to providing application information, you will be asked to complete a technology assessment exercise. We expect that reading and completing the exercise will take less than an hour and should not involve research on your part. After we receive your application, we will contact you about a date to complete the exercise.

Are you interested in joining our network of technology commercialization researchers?

As a technology assessment researcher and author of a technology assessment report, you will have a first hand opportunity to see some of the exciting innovations coming from our programs throughout the world. Many of the technologies are actively seeking business opportunities in the U.S.  GCG employs a variety of professionals on a contract basis to contribute to technology assessment research.

What does a technology commercialization assessment report entail?

For an experienced technology assessor trained in GCG’s methodology, we anticipate that writing a report entails 40-60 hours of work over 2 to 3 weeks. To write the report, we expect that you will conduct phone interviews and internet research.

We are seeking highly qualified individuals to work on various projects.

If we determine that you are qualified to conduct technology assessment research for GCG, your information and preferences will be recorded and stored for program managers to access.  Your application does  not obligate you to work with us.  Program managers may contact you for contract work according to their projects needs, and you will always have the opportunity to decline an assignment if offered.

Application exercise:  This exercise has been designed to enable our program managers to become familiar with your work, including your writing ability.  Completing and submitting the exercise should take approximately one hour.  We will send you the topic and instructions for the exercise by 10:00 AM (North American Central Time) on the day of your choosing and will expect to receive your completed exercise within 24 hours.

If interested, please email your CV with complete contact information and answers to the following questions to Mary Rodriguez.

  1. Are you currently enrolled in the UT MSTC program?
  2. Are you an MSTC alumnus/alumna?
  3. Have you engaged in technology assessments in the past 12 months?
  4. If you would like to limit technology assessment work to specific technology areas, for what industries would you be willing to provide assessments?
  5. On what day would you like to receive and complete the required exercise?

We will keep your exercise and other information on file for an indefinite period of time and will make this information available to GCG program managers for review.

NOTE:  Selected new contractors  will be required to attend an orientation session (date to be determined).  If selected you will be contacted with more information.