Technology Business Development

International Technology Business Development Specialists:

GCG occasionally hires experienced professionals to provide proactive sales and marketing work for technologies represented by GCG programs.  Technologies may come from a variety of geographic regions and a variety of industries.  The goal of the work is new business agreements in the U.S. or other promising markets.

Assignments may be for three to twelve months.  Most assignments require residency in Austin, with some travel required.

To be considered for opportunities–which occur sporadically–please follow the instructions below.  We will keep your information on file indefinitely.  If an opportunity for which you appear to be qualified comes up, you will be contacted for a telephone interview.  GCG is not able to describe opportunities in advance of specific needs, so please do not contact program managers for details on assignments unless you are contacted.  Submitting the information requested below in no way obligates you to accept or consider assignments.

How to apply:

Please send your resume and a document which addresses the following six questions to Mary Rodriguez.  We will acknowledge receipt of your information but will only contact you for an interview if an appropriate opportunity arises.

1. What are the name and address under which you would request a contract?  The name may be your first, middle, and last name, if you will be paid as an individual, or the name of your business, if you will prefer payment to the business.

2. How many years of experience do you have commercializing technologies?

3. Please describe that experience in a concise but meaningful paragraph (less than 300 words).  We will use this paragraph to evaluate both your writing skills and your professional background.

4. Do you have experience working with customers from different countries or cultures?  If so, please describe that experience in a few sentences.

5. Describe positive results you have obtained through sales and marketing work.  Include information on your work in lead generation and negotiation of business deals.

6.  In what industries do you have experience or expertise?  Have you worked in IT? biotechnology? energy? manufacturing?  Please briefly describe your experience or expertise or refer to items on your resume.