Active Programs

GCG has ongoing programs in India and Korea, as well as a program serving four regions in Africa and Asia.



Nexus at the US Embassy in New Delhi

Nexus is a collaboration between the US Embassy’s American Center and GCG to showcase the best of American and Indian entrepreneurship, innovation and technology commercialization.  Nexus is a hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, faculty, government agencies, industry players and funding organizations interested in gathering, interacting and collaborating to promote Indian startups and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.  A GCG manager works from the Nexus facility full-time and directs operations.  GCG is also establishing a business incubation program at Nexus to offer selected startups access to networks of industry and government partners, training from commercialization experts, a mentor network, and access to private and public fund managers specializing in supporting startups.

XLr8 Andhra Pradesh Technology Accelerator

GCG is delivering a multi-year program for the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Sponsored by the Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, the program has established a model business incubation center in the growing city of Tirupati. A GCG manager resides in Tirupati. During the first 17 months of the program, GCG will train innovators and entrepreneurs, select startups for admission to the XLr8 Andhra Pradesh Technology Accelerator, and provide international business development services to incubating companies. GCG collaborates with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) to recruit program participants from throughout India and to support Indian startups interested in domestic markets. The Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society envisions the program as a model for the state—a state with a goal of “an entrepreneur in every family” and the establishment of 100 new incubation facilities.



Daejeon, Republic of Korea

GCG has conducted technology commercialization programs in Daejeon since 2010. Partners have included the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), with support from the Daejeon Metropolitan City. The current partner is the KAIST Center for Innovation Initiatives (KCI), a division of KAIST.  Each program year has included training of innovators and entrepreneurs, research into the market potential of Korean innovation in the U.S., US business-development support, and business engagement agreements between Korean innovators and international partners. To date, over $1.3M (USD) in signed business deals has been facilitated by the Daejeon programs.

Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea

In June 2008, GCG created the Gyeonggi-UT Innovation Program in partnership with the Gyeonggi Small to Medium Business Center (GSBC).  After successful completion of the two three-year terms of the program, GCG and Gyeonggi Province have extended and expanded the program in 2015. Each program year begins with training and market assessment research for selected applicants. Following this phase, the most promising innovators are selected to receive extensive international business development support.  The program has supported over 80 companies for business development, with export revenue projected to be over USD$30M after finishing the program.

Jeollabuk, Republic of Korea

GCG is assisting the Jeollabuk province of South Korea to build its capacity to identify and assist promising technology companies and innovators. The program started in 2013 and has established processes for the screening of innovation, utilizing proven GCG methodologies, and immediately putting the processes into play by selecting and helping innovators.  Work includes interviewing innovators, conducting technology assessments, research, analysis, and reporting, and then providing international business development support. GCG instructors will also provide training sessions on topics critical to international technology commercialization, such as marketing, value propositions, commercialization strategies, and intellectual property protection issues.


infoDev Program

GCG is providing training for infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP), with workshops in four different countries (Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Vietnam), and in Washington, DC.  infoDev is a multi-donor program in the World Bank Group that supports entrepreneurs in developing economies.  The training is designed to supporting infoDev’s Climate Innovation Center network and will emphasize effective management of incubators that focus on clean technology ventures.