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The GCG India business development team actively seeks partners and customers for the varied group of Indian technologies selected each year as those showing the most potential for international markets. The technologies listed here were chosen from almost a thousand applicants. Please contact the business development manager listed for each technology to find out about the benefits and opportunities of engaging with the tech innovator.


“The entrepreneurship workshop was fantastic and has provided great insight and knowledge from the experiences of all the faculty members and the fellow innovators. I am sure this will be a major stepping stone as we move forward in our innovation journey.”
-Siva Devireddy, Managing Director, GoCoop


“The India Innovation Growth Program has the expertise, resources and world-wide reach to help Indian entrepreneurs and innovators achieve globalization of their products and technologies.”
-S. K. Saxena, Head, Zeus Numerix Pvt. Ltd


“The program has transformed the way the world looks at my innovation.”
-Dr. Chandrika Varadachari, Director, Raman Centre for Applied & Interdisciplinary Sciences.


“The innovation workshop was well orchestrated and the topics covered were very relevant for a start-up.  The interactive sessions and the feedback my team received helped us focus on what was really required for getting our business off the ground. Interacting with some of the best minds in India helped generate some great ideas and hopefully will result in some long lasting relationships. Very worthwhile time spent!”
-Seema Prem, COO, Financial Inclusion and Advisory


“Our Quicklook report came in very handy when we had to explain to an investor about our innovation and the reason why we are seeking funds.  They were astonished that it’s a totally unbiased report. It saved a lot of time, money and effort for the investor as well as us during our due diligence process.”
-Rajendra Sadhu, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Vyzin Inc.


The program is funded by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company and India’s Department of Science & Technology, and developed by GCG in partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum. The program has been extended three times and will continue through at least November 2015.


Video interview of Dr Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister for Science & Technology & Earth Sciences, about the  India Innovation Growth Programme.

Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India, followed by Dr. Ray Johnson, Senior VP and CTO, Lockheed Martin, at India Innovation Growth Program Tech Exposition. Dr. Kalam: “At a time when the world is struggling with economic recession, what we need is innovation. And knowledge is powered by technology and innovation.”

India Innovation Growth Program

GCG’s program for India, launched in 2006, provides Indian innovators with a combination of education and coaching, along with professional international commercialization assistance, all free of charges to the innovators.

A report compiled by Ernst & Young notes that the India Innovation Growth Program (IIGP) has helped participants and their companies generate revenues exceeding 1,500 crores (US$275 million) during 2010–2012, thereby contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth. Additionally, “the programme has witnessed innovations in diverse industries, including social sectors such as pharmaceuticals and health care, and water and sanitation, as well as in economic sectors such as technology and services and automotive. This would help the country attain sustainable economic growth in coming years.”

The program features a competitive selection process and offers participants a number of training and educational opportunities to enhance their commercial potential:

  • In 2011, over 2,500 entrepreneurs attended half-day commercialization workshops held in 21 cities around India.
  • 60 participants each year receive specialized training presented by distinguished practicing experts. Classes cover intellectual property protection, market analysis and validation, competitive strategies, financial planning, technology valuation, securing capital, identifying the right collaboration, venture formation, and compelling presentations. 30 finalists are selected for further services.
  • GCG’s Quicklook technology assessment research and reports are prepared for each of the 30 finalists.
  • Finalists present to an international panel of technology and business authorities, who in turn provide finalists constructive and timely feedback.
  • The top 15-25 commercialization candidates are selected and provided professional business development support to enter local and global markets.

In addition to services for innovators, the program also provides basic and advanced international incubator management training for approximately twenty professionals per year.

“The value of this program is in its competitiveness, and also in its opportunity to bring different expertise into one program: We have FICCI, we have IC² Institute, we have the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, we have Lockheed Martin, and we have the Department of Science and Technology. They all operate in different spaces in their businesses, but in [the India Innovation Growth] program they are focused on nourishing the innovators and increasing the quality of this innovation process.”

-Dr. T. Ramasami, India Secretary of Science and Technology


For more information, please contact James Vance at jvance@ic2.utexas.edu.