Tech Briefs: Consumer/Retail

3D Golf Simulator

3D Golf Simulator. RD TEK Co., Ltd., develops and manufactures XGolf, an advanced, indoor, golf simulation and swing analysis system. XGOLF reproduces everything that happens… » Read more


AngioLab, founded in 1999, is a biotechnology company developing products based on angiogenesis inhibitors. AngioLab has several anti-angiogenic candidates including botanical drugs, small molecules, and… » Read more


BKT is a BKT as a global wastewater & energy solution provider company based in Daejon with its U.S. office based in Anaheim, California. BKT’s… » Read more

Business Process Improvement

Consult USA is a consulting firm specialized in Business Process Improvement. For over 15 years, it has participated in large, complex projects for banks, retailers,… » Read more

Color Harmony

Color Harmony Experts offers value to Original Equipment Manufacturers and their supplier base. Our goal is to improve an OEM’s color control process by supporting… » Read more


An interactive TV middleware and broadcast server system. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Design Services

FireMonkey-Character Creation, Concept Design, Environment Design, Clothing; You name it, we can help you create it. Your imminent launch is eating up your internal resources… » Read more

ECO Pots

This technology is a device and method to convert organic waste into compost that will feed and grow plants within the same container. The pots… » Read more


eWBM has developed a technology to capture human motion in 3D. This DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology allows systems to capture, document and catalogue human… » Read more

Fishing Knot Device

Handheld device that provides fishers a safe and effective solution for tying a snell knot. GCG concluded its business development work on this technology in… » Read more

Flat pot

A flat piece of stainless steel that has pre-scored folding lines so it can be shaped into a pot/chafing dish.  Inspired by origami, the pot… » Read more

Future Robot

Future Robot has developed a unique avatar-based series of robots with recognition SW embedded for many different uses. There are two primary areas of interest… » Read more

Ganymede Technologies

A hosting and optimization platform for multi-player online games (MOG). For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Low Cost Sanitary Napkins

The technology consists of both low cost absorbent materials for making sanitary napkins that are derived from natural waste and plant products, and easy to… » Read more


NeoRoad has developed and is selling a dashboard-mounted camera used in automobiles to record vital data for drivers and insurance companies when an accident occurs.… » Read more

One Stop Health Clinic

Imagen Dental is a one stop health clinic specialized in dental, vision and hearing world class medical services, focused on attending the middle income market… » Read more


Founded in 2002, Phychips’ 25 employees make a product called, “ARETE POP”, an RFID dongle reader that attaches directly to a mobile device, tablet, or… » Read more


RainRunner is a portable, lightweight riding canopy that covers motorcycle riders from monsoonal rain, direct sun rays, and cold wind. Riders can stay dry during… » Read more

Silicon Works

Silicon Works is a company referred to as a fabrication house. This means the company designs and invents solutions for clients and then either Silicon… » Read more

Software Solution for FOREX

Software solution and professional services provider for the Foreign Exchange Currency Market (FOREX). For more information please contact Glenn Robinson,… » Read more

UMT Labs

UMT’s Tank Protection is an extreme impact resistant screen protector for mobile devices.  The tempered glass of an LCD screen can easily be broken from… » Read more