Tech Briefs: Daejeon

3D Golf Simulator

3D Golf Simulator. RD TEK Co., Ltd., develops and manufactures XGolf, an advanced, indoor, golf simulation and swing analysis system. XGOLF reproduces everything that happens… » Read more


AngioLab, founded in 1999, is a biotechnology company developing products based on angiogenesis inhibitors. AngioLab has several anti-angiogenic candidates including botanical drugs, small molecules, and… » Read more

Automobile Sensors

Improved non-contact sensors for automobiles. Truwin makes auto inductive sensors, non-contact inductive positional sensors, used by auto manufacturers in several electronic vehicle control applications such… » Read more

Blood Analysis System

A blood analysis system, used by blood banks to control inventory quality. For more information on this technology, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

GT Scien

GT Scien produces a variety of products whos goal is to help keep the Earth green and the environment clean. They manufacture a series of… » Read more


NeoRoad has developed and is selling a dashboard-mounted camera used in automobiles to record vital data for drivers and insurance companies when an accident occurs.… » Read more


Founded in 2002, Phychips’ 25 employees make a product called, “ARETE POP”, an RFID dongle reader that attaches directly to a mobile device, tablet, or… » Read more

Remote Manhole-Monitoring System

A remote manhole-monitoring system, used by utilities, universities and government. For more information on this technology, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

Silicon Works

Silicon Works is a company referred to as a fabrication house. This means the company designs and invents solutions for clients and then either Silicon… » Read more