Tech Briefs: DST

3nethra Ophthalmology Device

A low cost, portable, and highly integrated ophthalmology device for pre-screening and identification of potential eye diseases. Forus Health has introduced a portable, intelligent, non-invasive,… » Read more

BASP Biotech Filtration System

BASP has developed a proprietary biotechnology processing and filtration system in sterile environments that provides a one-step solution for High cell Density Mass Fermentation (HDMF).… » Read more

Clever Texting

Clever texting that allows mobile phone users to quickly compose SMS messages in 20 languages. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Content Verification Technology

The Content Verification technology is auto-acquiring identification solution for high value asset tracking. LinkSmart Technologies has proudly developed the system and method using existing imaging… » Read more

Diabetic Medical Device

The technology is a device for measuring the progression of diabetic neuropathy (damage to nerves) and predicting foot ulcer development. Every year about 25 percent… » Read more

ECO Pots

This technology is a device and method to convert organic waste into compost that will feed and grow plants within the same container. The pots… » Read more

Electronic tracking system

An electronic tracking system for harvesting power from Thin Film Solar panels. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Energy Cakes

A non-toxic and easy to manufacture briquette technology created from agricultural and industrial waste. The technology is a method for converting industrial waste as well as agricultural… » Read more

Enterprise Energy Management System

Enterprise Energy Management System using wireless sensor networking & artificial intelligence Wifinity’s Enterprise Energy Management System seamlessly forms an intelligent network of physical assets to… » Read more

File Format for Security

pawaaFILE is an Information Rights Management software technology. The primary claimed benefits of pawaaFILE are reducing the complexity of key management, improving data leak protection… » Read more

Holographic Weapon Sight

A holographic weapon sight that provides a sharp, natural and 40% brighter view. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Intelligent Current Conditioner

An intelligent current conditioner that improves efficiency and reliability of electrical distribution systems. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Low Cost Sanitary Napkins

The technology consists of both low cost absorbent materials for making sanitary napkins that are derived from natural waste and plant products, and easy to… » Read more

Metal Casting Solidification

AutoCAST-X is metal casting solidification software designed to improve the quality and yield of metal casts. The application is a web-based system that links to… » Read more

Organic Water Purification System

A nitrifying bio-reactor organic water purification system for shrimp farming. Agriculture or Environmental or Other – shrimp farming, mariculture, aquaculture, water purification, nitrifying, bio-reactor, waste… » Read more

PC Plug-In 12 Lead ECG

The technology is a PC plug-in device with software and associated sensor leads to enable a standard Windows/Linux -based computer to perform a 12-lead electro-cardiogram.… » Read more


RainRunner is a portable, lightweight riding canopy that covers motorcycle riders from monsoonal rain, direct sun rays, and cold wind. Riders can stay dry during… » Read more

Safety Medical Device

The MecSafe Safety I.V. Cannula was constructed to safe-guard medical professionals from needle-stick injuries and blood borne infections during needle withdrawal and disposal. The MecSafe… » Read more

Severe Wound Treatment

A treatment for severe wounds with antimicrobial, antibiotics and analgesics, that accelerates healing 30% – 40%. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Shockwave Wood Treatment

A shockwave impregnated wood treatment that drastically reduces treatment time. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Social BusinessWorks™

Social BusinessWorks™ is a social media and marketing computing platform for businesses. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Solar Power Technology

A concentrating solar power technology that utilizes a decoupled concentrator/tracking structure with a stationary hotspot and high concentration efficiency.… » Read more

Titanium Gel for Textile Industry

A titanium gel absorbent that separates and degrades dye and ink contaminants in textile industry wastewater. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Water Treatment Process

A biological water treatment process using customized bacteria that neutralizes high alkaline industrial waste water and dramatically reduces BOD/COD levels.… » Read more

Wind Turbine

Suvarna Urja Wind Turbine. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more