Tech Briefs: Electronics

EoE Ultrasonics

EofE Ultrasonics has developed an underwater hyrdoacoustic solution set that includes a sonar altimeter, single-beam echosounders, and multi-beam SONAR systems.  The groundbreaking technology that has… » Read more

Foscomm Fiber Optics

Fiber optics perimeter detection system with novel Multiple Plastic Optical Fiber Sensor Cable, which provides neat and easy installation and enhanced detection rate.… » Read more

Holographic Weapon Sight

A holographic weapon sight that provides a sharp, natural and 40% brighter view. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Intelligent Current Conditioner

An intelligent current conditioner that improves efficiency and reliability of electrical distribution systems. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Jwootech Co. Ltd

Jowootech has invented a Non-Stripping Wire Connector called the e-Clamp that is a new connector designed for wire-to-wire connections.  The innovation provided by the “e-Clamp”… » Read more

LED Road Traffic Safety

A technology on the LED flat surface illumination for road traffic safety. For more information, please contact Marten Davies,… » Read more

Luminature LED Lighting

LED Lighting by non-conductive liquid cooling system and direct AC power driving without SMPS(technology in infinitesmal current control).… » Read more


Antenna design and optimization. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Specs Corporation

Specs Corporation has developed an oil mist detection system (OMD) for engine rooms of marine vessels.  It efficiently and cost effectively detects diesel or atmospheric… » Read more

UMT Labs

UMT’s Tank Protection is an extreme impact resistant screen protector for mobile devices.  The tempered glass of an LCD screen can easily be broken from… » Read more

Winy Technologies – WinyCam

The ‘WinyCam’ Smart Black Box recording devices, manufactured by Winy Technology Co. Ltd., are high-quality consumer recording devices that are primarily used to create a… » Read more