Tech Briefs: Environmental

Alternative Energy and Fuels

Plasma 2Energy specializes in providing solutions for alternative energy and fuels. We offer solutions for converting waste to energy, coal power generation, biomass to biofuels… » Read more

Enterprise Energy Management System

Enterprise Energy Management System using wireless sensor networking & artificial intelligence Wifinity’s Enterprise Energy Management System seamlessly forms an intelligent network of physical assets to… » Read more


Energy efficient heating systems for individual housing units. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

KumRyong Co., Ltd

KumRyong Co has patented “Goldfill” a material to be used as infill for artificial turf fields. Goldfill is an all-natural infill that surpasses current alternatives… » Read more

Organic Water Purification System

A nitrifying bio-reactor organic water purification system for shrimp farming. Agriculture or Environmental or Other – shrimp farming, mariculture, aquaculture, water purification, nitrifying, bio-reactor, waste… » Read more

Paper Potty

A portable potty for toddlers, that provides a hygienic solution to toilet training. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Project Development Services

Advanced New Energies provides a wide range of project development services to the wind power industry. From site selection, procurement of equipment, project planning and… » Read more

Recycled Plastics

GRUPO SIMPLEX has dedicated over 15 years to purchasing, processing and commercialization of recycled plastics such as PET and HDPE. These plastics are used to… » Read more

Robotic Pipette

Robotic pipette that continuously analyzes water quality. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Solution to Clean Oil Pollution

bioGRASS Extra is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly solution that cleans oil pollution. The vegetable extract breaks down the hydrocarbon structure of the oil and turns… » Read more

Titanium Gel for Textile Industry

A titanium gel absorbent that separates and degrades dye and ink contaminants in textile industry wastewater. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

UBChem, Co. Ltd

UBChem, a Korean manufacturer of sticky mats since 1994, has developed a method of manufacturing enhanced sticky mats at a reduced thickness from normal sticky… » Read more

Water Treatment Process

A biological water treatment process using customized bacteria that neutralizes high alkaline industrial waste water and dramatically reduces BOD/COD levels.… » Read more