Tech Briefs: Information and Communication Technologies

Alveni Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Alveni is an interactive kiosk solutions provider. Alveni helps companies connect with their customers and employees through self-service technology. Alveni helps clients plan, integrate and… » Read more

Banking Industry Solutions

GNSol provides custom solutions for the banking industry. Our services include installation of production systems, hardware and software implementation. We also offer software quality engineering… » Read more

BIC Consulting-IT

BIC Consulting is an IT consulting firm specializing in SAP services. Services include SAP’s ERP, Business Intelligence, and programming languages such as ABAP and Java.… » Read more

Business and Technology Solutions

WaveMAX Corporation provides a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help its clients implement broadband internet wireless projects in unserved and underserved areas.… » Read more

Business Integration Solutions

Xemble Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of business integration solutions using BizTalk Server and SOA. We help enterprises of all sizes obtain agility, cost-effectiveness,… » Read more

Business Intelligence Systems

SIS KLE provides sophisticated IP for Business Intelligence integrated into customers’ POS, Merchandising and Supply Chain management systems. SIS kle was founded in June 1997,… » Read more

Business Process Improvement

Techser specializes in Business Process Improvement and application development to implement high productivity business solutions. Our consulting experience includes Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Value… » Read more

Certylion Software

A SaaS learning management system for online training applications. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Clever Texting

Clever texting that allows mobile phone users to quickly compose SMS messages in 20 languages. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Collaborative Solutions Software

International Collaboration Systems (ICS) has been developing collaborative solutions since the inception of workflow and groupware. Our Corporate To-Do List (CDL) product allows you to… » Read more

Cost Management and Analysis

Bintech specializes in cost management and analysis, allowing companies to increase business profitability. Benefits include: accurate cost measurements of whole products, services, projects and customers.… » Read more

CRM Software

Sales and prospecting tool for small businesses. GCG concluded its business development work on this technology in 2008.  … » Read more

Design Services

FireMonkey-Character Creation, Concept Design, Environment Design, Clothing; You name it, we can help you create it. Your imminent launch is eating up your internal resources… » Read more

EagleEye Security IT Platform

EagleEye Security IT platform technology prevents data loss and leakage at SMEs and large enterprises. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

enITma Software Consulting

enITma is a service and software company specialized in UT value-added consulting. Specializing in enterprise content management and business process management. enITma supports Vignette, Oracle,… » Read more

Enterprise Energy Management System

Enterprise Energy Management System using wireless sensor networking & artificial intelligence Wifinity’s Enterprise Energy Management System seamlessly forms an intelligent network of physical assets to… » Read more

eSupplier Software

Web based business to business applications that allows suppliers to enhance their interaction with current and potential customers.   Includes a variety of features including online… » Read more

File Format for Security

pawaaFILE is an Information Rights Management software technology. The primary claimed benefits of pawaaFILE are reducing the complexity of key management, improving data leak protection… » Read more

HD mobile solution

An HD cabling solution for remote video feeds; simplies the need for much of the hardware/complexity of remote video feeds for sporting events, television news… » Read more

Healthcare Software Solution

Expert Sistemas was founded in 1982 and provides an integrated software solution for the healthcare industry: MedSys. We focus on SMB such as clinics, hospitals,… » Read more

ID Technologies

IDZ is an innovative RFID based solutions provider. IDZ is privately held with offices in Austin TX, Monterrey and Mexico City. IDZ is an expert… » Read more

Invoice Kiosk

Converting paper invoices into digital images for storing. GCG concluded its business development work on this technology in 2009.  … » Read more

IT and Business Process Solutions

solBIT offers innovative solutions for IT and business processes, helping our clients reach their business goals. We analyze, design and implement specific solutions ranging from… » Read more

IT Services

For more than 14 years, Near Contact has delivered successful IT services to small, medium and large companies. Technical Support/Customer Service: we build dedicated technical… » Read more

IT Services

Tae IT provides clients with professional IT services and solutions, bringing together the talent of more than 150 IT professionals with more than 25 years… » Read more

IT Services for Business

S&C is a highly specialized business and IT solutions provider that has improved the operational efficiency of private and government organizations In the Americas for… » Read more

IT Solutions

it soluciones: 20 + years of experience with IT solutions for the fashion, tire, automobile and construction industries. Its certified and experienced team of business… » Read more

Kepler Enterprise Resource Planning

  Kepler helps companies streamline processes and increase productivity with eKepler. eKepler is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that facilitates the flow of information between… » Read more

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty³ helps retailers and restaurant chains generate more revenue from existing customers. With over 10 years of experience combining marketing and technology, Loyalty3 has developed… » Read more

Management of Digital Assets

Ad Infinitum has worked with companies since 1996 to automate and optimize management of digital assets. Our clients reduce costs, respond more quickly to requests,… » Read more

Metal Casting Solidification

AutoCAST-X is metal casting solidification software designed to improve the quality and yield of metal casts. The application is a web-based system that links to… » Read more

Mobile Application Development

Allapps is a mobile application software development firm. Allapps specializes in smart phone implementation for products in the consumer market or enterprise solutions. For more… » Read more

Mobile Banking Solution

A cell phone-based mobile banking solution for the “unbanked” masses in developing regions of the world. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Nacuri Embedded Systems Development

Nacuri offers services for embedded software and hardware design and development. The main service is embedded software development for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit Freescale micro controller families.… » Read more

Nearshore Outsourcing

C-Technologies is a nearshore services client-oriented company. Since its foundation in 2004, C-Technologies has been redefining the provider-client relationship as applied to software solutions. We… » Read more

Open Audio Voice Talent

Open Audio is an audio studio providing Spanish language e-learning voice talent to companies in the United States and Mexico. Open Audio works with global brands… » Read more

Operational Support Services

A professional operational support services provider and technology integrator specializing in telecom industry. Legacy Support offers NearShore Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) for Legacy Applications… » Read more

Outsourced Software Applications

Delaware Software has 14+ years of experience developing outsourced software applications with emphasis on energy generation companies. Our expertise includes web solutions and client server… » Read more


A logistics optimization and BPO solution. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Project Management Simulation Game

This technology was developed to provide an entertaining and applicable medium of instruction for potential  and existing Project Management Professionals. GCG concluded its business development… » Read more

Recommendation Engine

A recommendation engine for Netflix and other online retail websites. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Remote Infrastructure Management

EVOX IT provides Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services for voice, videoconferencing, and data networks in the Americas. Our services include proactive monitoring, problem analysis and… » Read more

Remote Manhole-Monitoring System

A remote manhole-monitoring system, used by utilities, universities and government. For more information on this technology, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

SAP Services

Link Systems provides customers with in-depth expertise in SAP services both domestically and internationally. Today, companies require IT business solutions that are competitive, efficient, and… » Read more

Sapi Engineering and Development

Sapi is an engineering and development firm, specializing in applications for small to medium businesses (SMB) to address manufacturing automation control and systems integration challenges.… » Read more

Social BusinessWorks™

Social BusinessWorks™ is a social media and marketing computing platform for businesses. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Software Testing Solutions

BSD Enterprise provides professional services for software quality assurance and testing. The team provides software testing solutions to eliminate bugs in software development to minimize… » Read more

Speech Quality Enhancement Software

TranSono’s ElectoVox™ provides noise reduction, echo cancellation and other filters for disruptive signals that can interrupt the quality of speech. This single microphone solution’s performance… » Read more

Staffing Services

Stallum provides efficient and effective staffing services for your SAS projects. We are the original SAS partner in Mexico and Latin America, with more than… » Read more

Text Searching Algorithm

An analog associative text searching algorithm that accelerates searches through large data sets. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Trucking Logistic Software

This technology is a logistics software tailored for the trucking/shipping industry.  It was invented for companies that have a need to increase their decision-making processes… » Read more


Fiber optic cable manufacturing. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

TXM Telecom Technologies

TXM is a technology and services company focused on delivering telecommunications solutions. TXM clients are leading vendors and service providers for the public telecommunications sector.… » Read more

Virtual Whiteboard

A “virtual whiteboard” application that uses a PC to create a virtual workspace on any wall or other flat surface; the users can “write” in… » Read more