Tech Briefs: Life Science

3nethra Ophthalmology Device

A low cost, portable, and highly integrated ophthalmology device for pre-screening and identification of potential eye diseases. Forus Health has introduced a portable, intelligent, non-invasive,… » Read more

BASP Biotech Filtration System

BASP has developed a proprietary biotechnology processing and filtration system in sterile environments that provides a one-step solution for High cell Density Mass Fermentation (HDMF).… » Read more

Bioanalytical Services from BioInfra

Bioinfra is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides bioanalytical services including method development/validation/transfer and measurement of drug concentrations in plasma, serum, urine, and tissues… » Read more


Pre-clinical research facilities. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more


Bionicss Urinary Free Radical Analyzer, , is a urinalysis device using digital optics that allows medical professionals to test urine for indicators of variety of… » Read more

Biotech del Norte: DNA Analysis

Biotech del Norte uses DNA analysis to identify quality problems in the production and food industry. Biotech del Norte helps identify wanted and unwanted microorganisms… » Read more

Blood Analysis System

A blood analysis system, used by blood banks to control inventory quality. For more information on this technology, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

Curaco Inc. – Smart Bidet

The Smart Bidet is a medical device that disposes of urine and feces for conscious and unconscious bedridden patients. The machine consists of a ‘diaper… » Read more

Diabetic Medical Device

The technology is a device for measuring the progression of diabetic neuropathy (damage to nerves) and predicting foot ulcer development. Every year about 25 percent… » Read more

Fish Hormone

Fish hormone that increases the spawning and propagation of fish. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

GT Scien

GT Scien produces a variety of products whos goal is to help keep the Earth green and the environment clean. They manufacture a series of… » Read more

Hydrogel for Enzyme Immobilation

A process of using a gydrogel obtained from carrageenan to immobilize enzymes for delivery to humans. For more information, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

IV Regulator

The product is a disposable IV regulator with higher accuracy and safety than other products on the marketplace. It is a small device which connects… » Read more

Kit for Diagnosis of Brucellosis

This technology is a new diagnostic test for detecting brucellosis militensis in goats that can be performed with commercially available portable readers or in laboratories… » Read more

Medical Cutting Device

An intelligent medical cutting device that provides real-time cancer cell borders for oncologists. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more


A single-lead EKG algorithm and prototype device. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Oral Healthcare Product

An oral healthcare product used to control oral bacterial proliferation without side effects. For more information, please contact Glenn Robinson,… » Read more

PC Plug-In 12 Lead ECG

The technology is a PC plug-in device with software and associated sensor leads to enable a standard Windows/Linux -based computer to perform a 12-lead electro-cardiogram.… » Read more

Protein Bio-Chip

A protein bio-chip that accelerates the diagnosis of diseases. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

Safety Medical Device

The MecSafe Safety I.V. Cannula was constructed to safe-guard medical professionals from needle-stick injuries and blood borne infections during needle withdrawal and disposal. The MecSafe… » Read more

Severe Wound Treatment

A treatment for severe wounds with antimicrobial, antibiotics and analgesics, that accelerates healing 30% – 40%. For more information please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

TE Bios

TE BIOS has invented a unique man-made cartilage material that currently is targeted towards cornea replacement surgery. Currently, when a patient receives a cornea transplant,… » Read more


Tonometric probe and tonometer provide minimally invasive measurement of a patient’s CO2 levels. For more information, please contact Jim Vance,… » Read more

VIVO Scope

A novel scope for medical imaging applications. For more information, please contact Debra Dzwonczyk at… » Read more

Western Blot Amebaisis Diagnosis

The amebiasis diagnostic assay detects invasive amebiasis by distinguishing the common E. dispar from the dangerous variant, E.histolytica. Invasive amebiasis is often misdiagnosed as liver… » Read more