Tech Briefs: South Korea

3D Golf Simulator

3D Golf Simulator. RD TEK Co., Ltd., develops and manufactures XGolf, an advanced, indoor, golf simulation and swing analysis system. XGOLF reproduces everything that happens… » Read more

Advanced Driver Assistance

An automated driver-assistance module to assist drivers with parking, proximity sensing, etc. It is a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Forward Collision Warning System… » Read more

Al Pallet

An aluminum pallet that provides a cost effective and sustainable solution to transport needs.… » Read more


AngioLab, founded in 1999, is a biotechnology company developing products based on angiogenesis inhibitors. AngioLab has several anti-angiogenic candidates including botanical drugs, small molecules, and… » Read more

Automobile Sensors

Improved non-contact sensors for automobiles. Truwin makes auto inductive sensors, non-contact inductive positional sensors, used by auto manufacturers in several electronic vehicle control applications such… » Read more

Banding product

This is a flexible metal binding product, essentially an industrial-strength flex-cuff-like product for holding bundled industrial/commercial products.  The product uses a patented ratcheting system for… » Read more

Battery Management System

This technology is a Battery Management Systems (BMS) for electric buses, cars, scooters and grid stability systems. Their innovation is centered around an active cell… » Read more

Bioanalytical Services from BioInfra

Bioinfra is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides bioanalytical services including method development/validation/transfer and measurement of drug concentrations in plasma, serum, urine, and tissues… » Read more


Bionicss Urinary Free Radical Analyzer, , is a urinalysis device using digital optics that allows medical professionals to test urine for indicators of variety of… » Read more


BKT is a BKT as a global wastewater & energy solution provider company based in Daejon with its U.S. office based in Anaheim, California. BKT’s… » Read more

Blood Analysis System

A blood analysis system, used by blood banks to control inventory quality. For more information on this technology, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

Brake Pad Spring

This technology is a coating for the springs that hold automotive brake pads in place. It contributes to the stability of the brake system and… » Read more

Curaco Inc. – Smart Bidet

The Smart Bidet is a medical device that disposes of urine and feces for conscious and unconscious bedridden patients. The machine consists of a ‘diaper… » Read more

EoE Ultrasonics

EofE Ultrasonics has developed an underwater hyrdoacoustic solution set that includes a sonar altimeter, single-beam echosounders, and multi-beam SONAR systems.  The groundbreaking technology that has… » Read more


eWBM has developed a technology to capture human motion in 3D. This DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology allows systems to capture, document and catalogue human… » Read more

Flame Detector

REZONTECH’s flame detector. For more information, please contact Marten Davies,… » Read more

Flat pot

A flat piece of stainless steel that has pre-scored folding lines so it can be shaped into a pot/chafing dish.  Inspired by origami, the pot… » Read more

Foscomm Fiber Optics

Fiber optics perimeter detection system with novel Multiple Plastic Optical Fiber Sensor Cable, which provides neat and easy installation and enhanced detection rate.… » Read more

Future Robot

Future Robot has developed a unique avatar-based series of robots with recognition SW embedded for many different uses. There are two primary areas of interest… » Read more

GEN Co., Ltd.

This technology is a Steel Insert Nut, a press-in threaded insert for use in injection molded plastic parts for the automotive industry. The steel nut… » Read more

GT Scien

GT Scien produces a variety of products whos goal is to help keep the Earth green and the environment clean. They manufacture a series of… » Read more

HD mobile solution

An HD cabling solution for remote video feeds; simplies the need for much of the hardware/complexity of remote video feeds for sporting events, television news… » Read more

Infrared sensor

An infrared sensor and sensor data delivery system that detects excessive heat/other risk factors in power generation environments. This is a combined CCTV and Infrared… » Read more

IV Regulator

The product is a disposable IV regulator with higher accuracy and safety than other products on the marketplace. It is a small device which connects… » Read more

Jounce Bumper

A low-impact bumper energy absorption/dissipation solution for use in 5mph-style bumpers for automotive applications. They are part of the suspension component of automobiles and absorb… » Read more

Jwootech Co. Ltd

Jowootech has invented a Non-Stripping Wire Connector called the e-Clamp that is a new connector designed for wire-to-wire connections.  The innovation provided by the “e-Clamp”… » Read more

KumRyong Co., Ltd

KumRyong Co has patented “Goldfill” a material to be used as infill for artificial turf fields. Goldfill is an all-natural infill that surpasses current alternatives… » Read more

Kwang Technomagnet (KTM)

Kwang Technomagnet’s (KTM) Control Energy of Permanent Magnets (CEPM) technology uses a combination of permanent magnets and an electromagnet to hold and release ferromagnetic metals… » Read more

LED Road Traffic Safety

A technology on the LED flat surface illumination for road traffic safety. For more information, please contact Marten Davies,… » Read more

Luminature LED Lighting

LED Lighting by non-conductive liquid cooling system and direct AC power driving without SMPS(technology in infinitesmal current control).… » Read more

Nanodiamond Compounds

Nanodiamond  compounds synthesized by surface functionalization. For more information, please contact Marten Davies,… » Read more


NeoRoad has developed and is selling a dashboard-mounted camera used in automobiles to record vital data for drivers and insurance companies when an accident occurs.… » Read more

PENTA Heavy Industry

PENTA Heavy Industry’s PUD (PENTA Under reaming bit Drilling) system, is used for drilling cased holes for foundation piles, water wells and other applications.  The… » Read more


Founded in 2002, Phychips’ 25 employees make a product called, “ARETE POP”, an RFID dongle reader that attaches directly to a mobile device, tablet, or… » Read more


Plato offers “Bikey”, a smart key system specifically for motorcycles that features a proximity warning alarm that alerts people nearby of a non-authenticated access attempt;… » Read more

Remote Manhole-Monitoring System

A remote manhole-monitoring system, used by utilities, universities and government. For more information on this technology, please contact Al Schogoleff at… » Read more

Seed Enertech

Seed Enertech (a technology spun out of Hanyang University in Korea through a University-owned holding company) has and is developing an efficient, cost effective way to… » Read more

Silicon Works

Silicon Works is a company referred to as a fabrication house. This means the company designs and invents solutions for clients and then either Silicon… » Read more


SnWise is a SW simulation tool used by industries that manufacture automobile seats and also provide insulation for White Goods (refrigerators, washers, dryers etc.). Currently… » Read more

Specs Corporation

Specs Corporation has developed an oil mist detection system (OMD) for engine rooms of marine vessels.  It efficiently and cost effectively detects diesel or atmospheric… » Read more

Speech Quality Enhancement Software

TranSono’s ElectoVox™ provides noise reduction, echo cancellation and other filters for disruptive signals that can interrupt the quality of speech. This single microphone solution’s performance… » Read more

TE Bios

TE BIOS has invented a unique man-made cartilage material that currently is targeted towards cornea replacement surgery. Currently, when a patient receives a cornea transplant,… » Read more

UBChem, Co. Ltd

UBChem, a Korean manufacturer of sticky mats since 1994, has developed a method of manufacturing enhanced sticky mats at a reduced thickness from normal sticky… » Read more

UMT Labs

UMT’s Tank Protection is an extreme impact resistant screen protector for mobile devices.  The tempered glass of an LCD screen can easily be broken from… » Read more

Virtual Whiteboard

A “virtual whiteboard” application that uses a PC to create a virtual workspace on any wall or other flat surface; the users can “write” in… » Read more