Tech Briefs: TechBA Current

Alveni Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Alveni is an interactive kiosk solutions provider. Alveni helps companies connect with their customers and employees through self-service technology. Alveni helps clients plan, integrate and… » Read more

BIC Consulting-IT

BIC Consulting is an IT consulting firm specializing in SAP services. Services include SAP’s ERP, Business Intelligence, and programming languages such as ABAP and Java.… » Read more

Biotech del Norte: DNA Analysis

Biotech del Norte uses DNA analysis to identify quality problems in the production and food industry. Biotech del Norte helps identify wanted and unwanted microorganisms… » Read more

enITma Software Consulting

enITma is a service and software company specialized in UT value-added consulting. Specializing in enterprise content management and business process management. enITma supports Vignette, Oracle,… » Read more

Kepler Enterprise Resource Planning

  Kepler helps companies streamline processes and increase productivity with eKepler. eKepler is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that facilitates the flow of information between… » Read more

Marvany Calcium Carbonate

Marvany produces calcium carbonate for use in paints, plastics, flooring, paper and oil drilling. The final product is whiter and purer than other companies, which… » Read more

Mobile Application Development

Allapps is a mobile application software development firm. Allapps specializes in smart phone implementation for products in the consumer market or enterprise solutions. For more… » Read more

Nacuri Embedded Systems Development

Nacuri offers services for embedded software and hardware design and development. The main service is embedded software development for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit Freescale micro controller families.… » Read more

Open Audio Voice Talent

Open Audio is an audio studio providing Spanish language e-learning voice talent to companies in the United States and Mexico. Open Audio works with global brands… » Read more

Sapi Engineering and Development

Sapi is an engineering and development firm, specializing in applications for small to medium businesses (SMB) to address manufacturing automation control and systems integration challenges.… » Read more

TXM Telecom Technologies

TXM is a technology and services company focused on delivering telecommunications solutions. TXM clients are leading vendors and service providers for the public telecommunications sector.… » Read more