Aluminum Polymer Capacitors from Enesol

 Enesol capacitors were invented to expand the limitations of current competitive offerings by increasing the maximum operating voltage to 50v~63V; this permits Enesol products to qualify in a broader range of designs where other types of capacitors are currently used.

Enesol capacitors are produced in standard package dimensions and are designed for use on PCBs. They are available in both surface mount and radial lead types.

Enecaps compete well with known brands the likes of Nichicon, Sanyo, and Chemicon and their QA and QC is first class.

Enesol’s production is located in South Korea. It is viable in markets such as PCs & Displays, Automobile electronics, Audio, LED lighting, Renewable energy and any electronics requiring a stable power supply. Please download PDF showing users of Enesol caps. For production photographs please download the following PDF Enesol Production.

Enesol is seeking distribution in the United States through mail order or manufacturers representatives. For additional information with regard to sizes and specifications please contact Marten Davies at or at (512) 305-0979 for an Enesol PDF Catalog.


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