Conductive Polymers from Polymerits

Polymerits has developed a cheaper and easier way to produce conductive polymers. They accomplish this by synthesizing the polymer powder, then dispersing the powder into an organic solvent. This eliminates the separation and offers improved performance.

Using their patented process, Polymerits is able to produce conductive polymers with a 30% cost advantage over competing technologies. Polymerits’ products can be used in more applications and performance is more stable under changing levels of humidity.

These conductive polymers can be used as antistatic coating, conductive coating, in UV cure paints, printed electronics, electrodes, and for resistive heating.

Polymerits is currently dispersing PEDOT, Polypyrrole, and Polyaniline in organic solvents.

Current customers include Samsung, LG, and Kolon.

Polymerits is seeking end users and licensees of their technology. For more information, please contact Adam Bates at or at 512-305-0986.


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