Cruzar Fronteras: Information Portal

Aberats is developing Cruzar Fronteras, an information portal that provides accurate information about products and services in the U.S.

Cruzar Fronteras is an online resource that will help companies and families understand all the services they need to manage when they move/expand to the U.S.

The type of information that Aberats proposes to provide:

  • Retail business
  • Investment opportunities
  • Real estate (housing)
  • Education
  • Shopping
  • Health Services
  • Coaching / Consulting
  • Attorneys
  • Translators
  • Business Services
  • Transportation / Relocation
  •  Insurance

Cruzar Fronteras will be also a collaborative medium that will provide chambers, professional advisors, and associations a vehicle to share their ideas, tips and recommendations.

For more information about this technology, please contact Barbara Springer at or (512) 305-0985.






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