Dong IL Sonic Surgeon 300 Dental System


The Sonic Surgeon 300 is a dental hand piece and power unit developed by Dong Il Technology Ltd of South Korea. Their core products are Piezo Electronic chips, which they supply to multiple manufacturers, including those used in hand pieces that are competitive to the Sonic Surgeon 300.

The SS300 has a high output  thereby reducing the force required to be exerted by the operator thus improving patient safety and operating times. Further, the design aids in minimizing damage to soft tissues during procedures. It has a maximum water supply of 100ml/min to minimize bone heating. It has a multifunctional foot switch increasing control convenience and minimizing fatigue. The hand piece can be operated with 10 different tips applicable to a variety of surgeries. The system has achieved UL, CE and FDA certification

Dong IL is seeking full distribution in the Americas

For more information about this technology, please contact Marten Davies at or at (512) 305-0979.

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