EoE Ultrasonics

EofE Ultrasonics has developed an underwater hyrdoacoustic solution set that includes a sonar altimeter, single-beam echosounders, and multi-beam SONAR systems.  The groundbreaking technology that has been developed is in autonomous (cable-free or connection-free) altimeter and echosounder devices.  While traditional echosounders require cabling to-and-from the device to ensure a power source and data transmission, devices from EofE Ultrasonics have an autonomous, connector-free altimeter that is powered and stores data internally.  Additionally, EofE Ultrasonics has developed a USB-connected echosounder that draws power from a portable computer, thus eliminating the need for cabling of vessel-based echosounders.   The primary benefits offered by these devices is they offer oceanographers and researchers improved ease of use and deployment of the devices, collection of the data at higher speeds, portability of the devices to other sites and research areas, are designed to withstand rugged outdoor use, and can be integrated into the hulls of boats.

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