Fully Reusable, Vibration Resistant Lock Nut from SAPERLOCK

SAPERLOCK vibration-resistant locking nuts were invented to solve issues with products that are in a high vibration environment. In any environment where machinery, automobiles, aircraft or other products are frequently disassembled, SAPERLOCK products provide a more secure, vibration resistant environment.

SAPERLOCK is a technology for self-locking reusable nuts developed by IMJIN ST. Company, Ltd in South Korea. It functions similar to a one way locking device, which allows low friction between the bolt and nut when turned in the tightening direction and very high friction in the loosening direction. When the spring is relaxed, the nut will never come loose on its own. However, when a socket is installed over the nut, to compress the spring inward, it can be easily removed. It can be installed and removed as many times as necessary. SAPERLOCK has passed the difficult industry vibration test NAS3350.

SAPERLOCK is seeking distribution in the United States through industry catalogue sales or manufacturing representatives. For additional information visit their website at www.saperlock.co.kr. You can also contact Alan Schogoleff with The University of Texas’s, IC² Institute and the Global Commercialization Group at 512-630-4670


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