Industrial Air Dryers from Hana Plant


Hana Plant has developed an industrial-sized air dryer that recaptures waste heat from the air compressor to reduce overall energy consumption. This Heat of Compression (HOC) dryer uses a closed loop design for zero air loss during operation. Total energy consumption is reduced by 17% and there is no hunting during tower change for smooth operation. The energy saving dryer can reach dew points as low as -100ºC and range in size from 1244 to 17421 CFM.

Hana Plant has five South Korean patents protecting their design and have filed a PCT.

Current customers include Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia Motors. The company renewed their ASME certification in 2011 and their products are ISO class 0.

Hana Plant is seeking end users, distributors, and OEM partners in North, Central, and South America. For more information, please contact Adam Bates at or at 512-305-0986.


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