HanLab Automatic Self-Balancing Centrifuge

The ABC-CB200 is a desktop mid size self-balancing centrifuge with a maximum speed of 4,600 rpm. It has a number of lab sample attachments, which provide a capacity of 3 banks of 340ml tubes, each holding 20 tubes for a max capacity of 60 tubes. Alternatively 1 tube per bucket for a total of 3. The total counterbalancing weight is 75g.

The ABC-BC200 is unique for its size in that the centrifuge is fully auto balancing thus requiring no additional time requirements of counter balancing weights etc. When started, the centrifuge detects imbalance at low revolution and auto activates a swing-out rotor that contains counter-balance weights, which are activated within 75-90 seconds of spin up. The equipment is available in refrigerated and non refrigerated models and is very competitively priced against market competition.

Hanlab has a solid roadmap and is currently testing smaller models using this unique technology for release in early 2012 as well as testing an automated version of tube placement in the equipment. Further, they also are developing a larger ultra high-speed model due by the end of 2012 with speeds of 100,000rpm. All models have remote online monitoring capabilities through Ethernet connection.

Hanlab is seeking distribution partners for this technology in the Americas.

A downloadable PDF is available with additional information LabSmart

For further information please contact Marten Davies at mdavies@ic2.utexas.edu or at (512) 305-0979.

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