HD mobile solution

An HD cabling solution for remote video feeds; simplies the need for much of the hardware/complexity of remote video feeds for sporting events, television news remote broadcasts, etc.

The Portable HDTV Broadcasting Transport System (PBTS)  is capable of delivering high quality, uncompressed HD audio and video signals, as well as data transmission, from multiple cameras simultaneously with no latency over long distances (up to 10 km) to a similar receiving unit located back at an OB (Outdoor Broadcasting) Van or Control Room.  The unit is packaged in a compact, rugged, watertight case providing a much smaller form factor than other similar technologies and can support SD/HD/3G SDI, AES/EBU, Composite Video, Serial Data, Analog Audio, and Gigabit Ethernet ports.  Through the specially designed Hybrid cable the units are also capable of providing power up to 1 km allowing the transmission unit in the field and up to 5 cameras connected to that unit to be powered remotely from the receiving unit.  The units are highly customizable allowing for the end user to determine the feature set to be included at a price that fits his or her budget.

The PBTS was developed in Korea for the local and national television broadcasting networks and is very well suited for live outdoor sporting events such as golf and racing telecasts, concerts, newscasts, etc. due to it’s unique ability to transmit power and full HD at no latency.

For more information contact Richard Amato at richard@carpeaestus.com.

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