Infrared sensor

An infrared sensor and sensor data delivery system that detects excessive heat/other risk factors in power generation environments.

This is a combined CCTV and Infrared (IR) monitoring camera and software system which detects excessive heat and other risk factors through continuous, non-contact, multi-point thermal monitoring for mission critical equipment.  The cameras are designed to be installed on a permanent basis in rugged, high electrostatic environments to provide real-time monitoring of conditions in up to 6 points in a field of view.  Because equipment is often sealed for safety purposes, monitoring options are usually limited to non-contact.  The real-time monitoring provides a continuous data monitoring system that easily networks with existing SCADA and control systems to analyze current and historical trends and identify potential trouble spots that could lead to fire or catastrophic failure.

The product is a solution to help detect temperature changes and reduce failure within power generation equipment.  While the initial target market of power generation provides an excellent introduction for the attributes and benefits of the technology, the applicability and fit of the technology extends to many other potential markets as well, including data centers, transit systems, cold storage, hospitals, mining, etc.

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