Nano Ganesh Irrigation System

Nano Ganesh Irrigation System

An irrigation system that can be controlled remotely by cell phones.

Nano Ganesh is an electronic device which allows farmers to use mobile phones to remotely monitor and switch on irrigation pumps used for watering crops in remote locations. It is a GSM mobile based remote control system exclusively for the use with water pump sets in agriculture areas. Nano Ganesh is, in fact, a modem which converts signals received on a mobile phone into commands for the switch of the pump sets to switch on or off.

Under the service, farmers have to buy a mobile connection and a mobile modem (Nano – Ganesh) that is attached to the starter of the pump set. After registration, the subscriber (farmer) is provided with a unique code number. Using the mobile handset, the farmer can remotely switch on and switch off the pump set with the assigned code number.

For more information about this technology, please contact Jim Vance at or +1-512-232-3590.

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