IV Regulator

The product is a disposable IV regulator with higher accuracy and safety than other products on the marketplace. It is a small device which connects into the tubing running from the IV bag to the patient. The product is targeted to patients who require small amounts of treatment over an extended period of time (24 hours, for example). The devices are disposed on a daily basis due to contamination issues.


The innovator developed the product after watching his father suffer through cancer and seeing some of the issues with IV treatments. The innovator surveyed the profession and determined three primary issues with present treatments. The primary problems included (a) twisting occurring with the tubes (b) lack of reliable locking causing accidents and (c) lack of accuracy of flow delivery. With this IV regulator innovation, the innovator focused on developing a device which would be accurate, safe and convenient.

The innovator claims the following advantages:

  • Higher accuracy for injections under 15ml/h
  • Safety locking mechanism which ensures accurate drip rate over extended time as well as serving as a safety feature preventing accidental disruption of flow rate, and long duration of infusion. With this system, the patient can set one setting and the injection can maintain lasting regulated flow, infusing the medicine for twenty-four hours
  • Direct flow path of the medicine. Present solutions use either single-flow path or dual-flow path, which don’t allow for accuracy with low flow levels. There is one variable to disturb the amount of flowing. In a dual flow path, two variables disturb the amount of flowing
  • Turning the dial results in no twisting of the tube which can occur with competitor’s models
  • Convenience of the external purge feature. The external purge allows quick dialing from open to off and vice versa and can be accomplished with smooth draining of air in the IV.

For more information, please contact Marten Davies, mdavies@ic2.utexas.edu.

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