Jounce Bumper

A low-impact bumper energy absorption/dissipation solution for use in 5mph-style bumpers for automotive applications.

They are part of the suspension component of automobiles and absorb the shock generated from the wheels and prevent the spring from impacting and damaging the frame of the car.  They also provide better vehicle dynamics, improve driver safety and comfort, and reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) within the vehicle.

In today’s market, most jounce bumpers are manufactured using polyurethane, particularly NDI polyurethane; however, bumpers made from this material degrade when exposed to moisture, a process referred to as hydrolysis.  As such, the product is not durable over time.  This is a superior product using an undisclosed additive that substantially increases hydrolysis resistance and improves overall performance.  Moreover, the bumpers are less expensive than those of its competitors on the market. These bumpers have been in Hyundai-Kia products since 2010.

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