Jwootech Co. Ltd

Jowootech has invented a Non-Stripping Wire Connector called the e-Clamp that is a new connector designed for wire-to-wire connections.  The innovation provided by the “e-Clamp” is that it offers a safer and easier way to join separated wires together without having to strip and splice wires together, and also without having to peel the wire’s insulation.  The main benefit is the added safety when connecting wires, as for both experienced and novice technicians, joining wires can be a dangerous proposition.  An additional benefit is that the e-Clamp offers a much more cost effective way to repair and maintain wiring.  Usually industrial tools and machines need end-to-end rewiring when a wire breaks, which involves replacing a whole wire from one contact point to another, and is a difficult and time consuming process.  The e-Clamp enables a new secure connection to be completed in a matter of minutes, thus reducing time, effort, and production down time.

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