KS CHEMICAL Recyclable Biodegradable Plastic Resin


KS Chemical is a manufacturer of a biodegradable plastic resin that is recyclable, renewable and compostable. The resin is used to manufacture products such as plastic shopping bags, gloves, cups, utensils, baby toys, shoelaces, and gardening and automotive hardware. The use of a corn-based starch reduces our dependency on oil for plastic and stress loads on landfills because the waste material will decompose within 180 days once composted or disposed. The plastic can also maintain its form at temperatures of 120 ~170 degrees Celsius, depending on its thickness.

The Company is currently in production in South Korea and follows the 6 Sigma Quality Program, and sells shopping bags in Korea, France, and Australia.

The Company has obtained certification from the Korea for Standard Eco Labeling and Cesar Consultants Pty Ltd of Australia, and is planning to apply for comparable certifications in the EU, Belgium and US.

The Company is looking for distributors and businesses that want to transition away from the use of traditional plastic bags for “greener”, environmentally friendly ones.

For more information about this product, please contact Soraya Kim at sorayakim@yahoo.com or at 734-576-2000.


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