Kwang Technomagnet (KTM)

Kwang Technomagnet’s (KTM) Control Energy of Permanent Magnets (CEPM) technology uses a combination of permanent magnets and an electromagnet to hold and release ferromagnetic metals such as iron, nickel or steel.  Standard electromagnets require a continuous current flow to create the magnetic field to hold an object, whereas the CEPM technology requires only a momentary electromagnetic “pulse” to engage and disengage the magnetic field of a permanent magnet.  The primary benefit of the CEPM technology is in the energy savings over conventional electromagnets, as well as the ability to continue to operate in case of power failure.  Primary markets that would benefit would he high-capacity lift applications in the Factory Automation, Aerospace, and Electromagnetic Locking Mechanism market.  The lower energy use function could also create new magnetic applications where AC (Alternative Current) power to run an electromagnet is not available, with some examples being Car Door Locks and Self-Assembling Robots.

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