Organic Plant Growth Enhancer and Promoter

The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research has developed an organic plant growth enhancer. The organic formulation enhances plant growth, increases plant yield, and acts as a biological protection from harmful pests such as nematodes, bacteria, and fungi. The innovation is primarily composed of all-natural microbes, including Trichoderma Harzianum, a biological fungus used as a fungicide, and Pseudomonas Fluorescence, a living bacterium that protects plant roots from parasitic fungi and parasitic nematodes. Botanical ingredients, Neem cakes and Pongamia cakes, (“De-Oiled”), interact with these bio-agents in a complementary manner. The unique combination of ingredients stabilizes soil and naturally suppresses diseases that can devastate entire crops. In general the most illustrative trials show a reduction in nematode populations and galling or infestation of roots of crops. It can be applied through the whole production cycle form seed to field.

For more information about this technology, please contact Salvador Alanis at or at 1-512-305-0979.

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