PENTA Heavy Industry

PENTA Heavy Industry’s PUD (PENTA Under reaming bit Drilling) system, is used for drilling cased holes for foundation piles, water wells and other applications.  The technology is used when casing needs to be inserted along with the drilling bit to prevent collapse of drilled holes.  Under reaming bits increase the hole diameter to be wider than the drilling bit.  This allows the driller to insert casing while drilling to prevent loose material (the overburden) from infilling behind the drill bit.

PENTA’s patented under reaming bit drilling systems concentric design transfers force directly to the rock, can be retracted, its wings can be extend and can be easily disassembled to replace worn out parts, its attributes allow fast drilling and lower operating costs vs other systems in the market. The PUD system is currently being sold directly in Korea and Japan.  PENTA sells through distributors in Russia, Europe and China and has sales representatives in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Canada and Chile.

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