RankTab Customer Profitability Analysis

RankTab™ from MarCom Logix  is an application for cloud-based CRMs, which utilizes a ranking algorithm to correlate the new business opportunities with established success criteria.

It enables strategic prioritization of the sales pipeline not just in terms of revenue size but also in profitability and long-term growth.

RankTab introduces a cost-effective solution to embed tacit customer profitability analysis (CPA)-as-a-process to optimize sales productivity.

RankTab integrates seamlessly to leading enterprise cloud CRM systems such as SalesForce.com, Zoho and SugarCRM, eliminating manual import of records or high switching costs.

RankTab automatically displays ranked opportunities in a graphic bubble chart, enabling visualization of the sales rep’s assessment of new business opportunities and alignment to strategic company goals.


For more information about this technology, please contact Barbara Springer at bspringer@ic2.utexas.edu or (512) 305-0985.

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