Vibro-Ripper rock crusher

A unit that attaches to the end of an excavator or other heavy-duty machinery for use in breaking rocks or concrete in the demolition of buildings and roads, construction, and mining.  This unit uses a patented vibrating technology that dramatically reduces the sound of breaking.  A traditional pneumonic jackhammer has a decibel level of 125db;  the Vibro-Ripper operates between 60-80db.  The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that sound levels should be below 90-95db in order to prevent permanent hearing loss.  Moreover, due to its decreased noise, breaking creates less of an issue in residential areas.

In addition to the Vibro-Ripper being quieter, the innovator claims that it is 200-300% more efficient.  This is part due to the design of the end piece that is shaped not only to break but also to scoop the rock, concrete and debris.  This has a double duty function as compared to a breaker that simply breaks.  The claim has yet to be verified by an independent third party.

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