SEIL Co. – Sound of Tangibility (SOT)

SEIL Co.’s 4D Sound Device called SOT (Sound of Tangibility) is a bracelet-like device that is worn on the arm to transmit sound directly into the human body.  It is a haptic (tactile feedback) device that uses actuators (tiny motors) to propel sound into the body.  The SOT uses the Vibration Tangible System (VTS) to simulate the surface of the body to reproduce sound inside the body.

The SOT is designed for people who want a more visceral experience in audio in any application be it enjoying music, movies, or playing video games.  The technology is particularly desirable and beneficial to the hearing impaired as it enhances any audio experience when it would otherwise be limited to them.  The product in its current form is used wirelessly with Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones or can be connected by a USB cord to tablets, laptops and computers.  A jack for headphones allows the listener to hear music directly from the SOT.

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