Silicon Coating for Paper Consumables

An eco-friendly, silicon-based coating method for paper consumable products as an alternative to the existing polyethylene (PE) coatings currently in use.  The primary application for the technology is for food containers such as paper cups, take-out containers, noodle boxes, etc.  The coating of paper consumables is necessary to enhance their waterproof and greaseproof qualities for food-use.  PE is the primary coating solution as it cheap and effective; however, being petroleum-based, it is not considered eco-friendly and its effect on human health have been questioned.

The innovator has a long history in silicon based technology, developing baby products such as nursing nipples, bottles, etc., and was able to design a machine that would allow a proper and effective coating of silicon to be applied to paper stock.  The product is currently being sold in Korea with a recent introduction into Europe.

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