Sindo DNT Anti Stick Paint and Sheet to combat Bill Posting and Graffiti

 Sindo DNT has faced the challenges of urban and suburban graffiti and the associated negative impact that it portrays. After several years of research Sindo has developed two products to help fight the graffiti and poster battles.

This new technology prevents public facilities from being defaced by various forms of illegal advertising adhesions by surface treatment with stick-free color paint. It is impossible to stick bills and posters on these paint treated surfaces. Alternatively Sindo offers an anti stick sheet, which can be, wrapped on electrical supply boxes, or lamp standards.

For a fuller understanding of Sindo DNT’s product capabilities please access the You Tube video below. Anti Stick Solution to Bill Posting and Graffiti

For further information please contact Marten Davies at or at (512) 305-0979.


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