UBChem, Co. Ltd

UBChem, a Korean manufacturer of sticky mats since 1994, has developed a method of manufacturing enhanced sticky mats at a reduced thickness from normal sticky mats (from between 40-45 microns to 30 microns thick). UBChem currently has approximately 10% of the U.S. market for sticky mats of normal thickness, these mats are used to capture dirt and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter controlled environments, like semiconductor clean rooms.

Their technology solution was to develop an innovative processes that allow them to use thinner, thus less expensive, polyethylene film for sticky mats. This 30-micron film is 10 to 15 microns thinner than the PE film used for normal sticky mats. The Slim Sticky Mat provides the end user several benefits: i) 15% lower purchasing costs, ii) 10% lower transportation costs, iii) Easier to store, move and install and is iv) Environmentally friendly water based adhesive

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