VISIONRIDE Automated Parking Management System

Visionride offers a complete, premier parking management system that directs drivers to available parking spaces by using vehicle shape and plate recognition cameras and also assists them in locating their vehicle using a software that is integrated into a user’s PDA. Cameras are placed throughout the parking area to prevent theft and damage to vehicles and assault on patrons. An alarm system is also available to call security should there be a personal safely concern.

The system offers numerous benefits including timesaving, personal security, customer service, and reduced emissions. Currently, Secu-Parking is installed in 10 sites in South Korea including Hyundai Motor’s Group HQ, Ewha University Hospital, corporate offices and premier residential complexes.

The system would be of interest to management of parking structures in any large-scale parking structures such as casinos, hospitals, high-end retail, and airports. The Company is looking for distributors in the US as well as globally.

If you would like more information about the product, please download Visionride’s e-Catalogue. Or, please contact Soraya Kim at or (734) 576-2000.


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