Water Treatment Systems

IOREX Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells their water treatment systems that prevent rust and scale using a special carbon filter to ionize the water. They have developed multiple size pipe filter attachments for industrial applications to small filters for residential users. Iorex’s filters require no chemicals, no sacrificial anodes, no electricity. They use the special materials formulation and nozzle holes in the carbon inserts and the energy in the fluid flow itself to help ionize the water. The purpose is not to provide highly filtered water such as through a reverse osmosis process or other similar technology, but rather to ionize the water to reduce the scale and rust buildup within the pipes, thereby protecting the pipes. The result is cleaner pipes and cleaner water with reduced maintenance requirements and fewer needs for repair and/or replacement thus extending the life of the pipes. In addition, they claim that with additional heat provided by hot water, the technology can provide a sterilization effect.

For more information, please contact Stephen Finos at sfinos@ic2.utexas.edu or at 512-305-0978.

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