Winy Technologies – WinyCam

The ‘WinyCam’ Smart Black Box recording devices, manufactured by Winy Technology Co. Ltd., are high-quality consumer recording devices that are primarily used to create a video and informational history of the vehicle in case of an accident or theft.  It provides users video and locational evidence to provide to law enforcement in legal and insurance claim scenarios.  The products can also be utilized for recording recreational activities by driving enthusiasts.

The most recent  ‘WinyCam’ offers a full 2 Mega pixel lens, 150 degree wide angle recording capability, and full 1080p HD video resolution which places it at the highest end of car cams on the market.  Later models also offer front and rear camera views; an LCD interface, removable memory card, GPS location functionality, audio recording, and software that permits integration of the device with PC and mobile phone applications.

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