Wire Electronic Discharge

A high-precision cutting machine tool in which the primary application is very, very precise metal cutting applications for machine shops and industrial part fabrication.

It is a wire electronic discharge machine capable of producing high precision parts at a low purchase and operating cost. The company achieves this by using an intuitive interface coupled with a high precision control system. This allows for quick setup and fabrication. Current customers of this product are: Samsung, LG and Hyundai.


•High precision cuts (2 micron accuracy on 60mm thick SKD-11 workpiece 0.25mm brass wire)

•5 Axes

•Reduced setup and operating time (60% faster than Charmilles)

•Low power consumption (25% less than Charmilles)

•Modern PC-based interface. Upload CAD files via usb/ethernet

•Dependable: Average Lifetime :15 years    MTBF: 5 years with regular maintenance

•1 year warranty

For more information contact Adam Bates at abates@ic2.utexas.edu.

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