Sid Burback

For over ten years, Sid Burback has led the Global Commercialization Group of the IC² Institute in implementing programs in thirteen countries, generating University of Texas agreements worth over $47 million, supporting over a thousand new technology ventures, and creating fourteen centers for innovation.

Prior to his work for The University of Texas, Sid worked with Pepperdine University on a USAID grant-funded Russian conversion program to commercialize technology from the Russian defense enterprises. He then founded and directed The Global Venture Specialist, and in this capacity worked with 110 Russian defense enterprises and created 19 ventures serving markets in the US and other regions worldwide. This was accomplished during the Russian transition to a market economy from 1993-1998.

As Principal at the Tora Center, he developed and marketed customized tools for Russian banks, trading companies, the Russian stock market and personal investors. Previously, Sid owned and operated two franchise companies over a four year period, during which he designed and developed a software tool for one of these businesses. The technology was ultimately sold to a national franchise company. Additionally, Sid held various management positions at Continental Airlines for ten years, including the position of the Western Region Director from 1985 – 1990.

Sid served as a Naval Officer for 5 years, first as a Foreign Ship Liaison Officer at the 14th Naval District and later as a First Lieutenant on the USS Peoria.

Sid Burback
GCG Director
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