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I am truly blown away by the generosity and acceptance that has been extended to me by Seidel Schroeder and by Brenham as a whole. Every person I have met since joining the Home to Texas program has shown ample support and care, along with passion for the community that they live in.

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In the first two weeks of Home to Texas alone I have had the good fortune of meeting with several community leaders that want the best for their town and for Texas. I have learned a ton about business development, about Brenham, and about myself. Dr. Markman and Dr. Pogue serve as unwavering sources of encouragement and support.

This program gives students the opportunity to make valuable business connections in their community that will last them a lifetime and would be difficult to attain otherwise. Not only will the program further economic development in rural areas through its dedication to research, but it will bring young, passionate individuals back to the towns that they grew up in to make a huge impact on their communities. The program presents a challenge in formulating a value proposal, but thanks to the help of the IC2 Institute, I feel more than equipped to meet that challenge and to learn some valuable life lessons along the way. It has been an honor and a privilege to be involved in Home to Texas so far. I cannot wait to see where it will go!


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July 1, 2019

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