Home to Texas 2021 – Community Celebrations

Follow the celebrations for this year’s Home to Texas program across the state with 12 communities!


“…being at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, I gained an entirely new insight on what it means to live in Abilene, and all the wonderful things it has to offer.”

– Tavia Wilson, Abilene

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“I have become to view my community as a thriving place where people can pursue and achieve their dreams, whereas before I used to just view my hometown as a stepping-stone to other places where dreams were chased.”

– Ben Stormer, Amarillo


“The research opportunity that allowed me to become a medium of local residence’s voice to be heard is absolutely satisfying, and I’m thankful for Home to Texas program for believing in me and providing me with these amazing opportunities.”

– Sauda Shamiha, Beaumont


“Upon returning to my hometown, I see how much work people put in to make it the best place it can be and balance growth with the small town qualities it wishes to retain.”

– Elizabeth Matney, Boerne


“I created and presented along with another member of the airport, a presentation to all the airport staff about what indicators should they look out for when detecting human trafficking.”

– Kenia Mendiola Ramos, Brownsville

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Eagle Pass

“Returning to my hometown was definitely heartwarming, as I got to be a part of the change to economically improve our town. The Home to Texas Program has definitely opened my eyes to the very much needed help my hometown needs in growing and prospering as a whole.”

– Amali Corral, Eagle Pass


“An interesting thing I’ve done throughout the Home to Texas Program is learn about Community Restorative Act Program that takes part of all banks in order to regulate that there is no discrimination towards low income communities. It is reassuring to know that there is something in place to aid LMI communities.”

– Mar Cardenas, McAllen


“…I’ve had the privilege of interviewing members of my community to expand and change my perception of my own community.”

– Jason Zubia, Odessa


“I have met so many interesting and inspiring people that represent a wide array of lifelong residents, local artists, small business owners and public office holders, all of whom I would be fortunate to continue to be in contact with. I can honestly say that this experience has given me a complete new and unexpected perspective of my community in an enormously positive way.”

– Paul Kimbell III, Smithville


“Returning to my hometown and doing this has given me a completely different perspective in Tyler, as previously I had not realized the impact Tyler has on so many surrounding communities.”

– Matthew Maberry, Tyler

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July 22, 2021

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