Hometown Community in a New Light: An Intern’s Summer Well Spent

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Stephanie Inclan, Mathematics Major at College of Natural Sciences
Eagle Pass, MicroStar Logistics

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My name is Stephanie Inclán and I am a rising sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin currently majoring in mathematics. I am also a part of the UTeach Natural Sciences program working towards a certification in secondary teaching. This summer I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Home to Texas program, which has been an amazing experience! I am an intern at MicroStar Logistics, in my hometown, Eagle Pass, TX.

MicroStar Logistics is a leading keg-repair company that provides quality services for brewers, they are able to make kegs of any size and shape look brand new. At the beginning of my internship, I would shadow the office workers and listen to them explain what their job is and why they do what they do. I observed them work on numerous excel sheets and even got to work on a few of my own, in which I gained the skills to make pivot tables and work vlookup. Aside from office work, I got a tour of the ginormous warehouse, which is home to the CoMac machinery, and saw how each keg got cleaned and ready for shipping. There were many different stations such as the sorting line, branding, valve repair, etc. My role as an intern then switched from “just observing” to part-time general production and part-time receptionist. I’d spend my mornings either removing barcodes from used kegs or (my favorite may I add) repairing valves. I have to admit, those tasks made me realize how weak I was but as time went by, I could see my strength improve. As a receptionist, my first task was to make a “now hiring” flyer, which then led to many people coming in for applications. I also learned how to take inventory when it came to item numbers and invoices. I’d scan, make excel sheets, and make phone calls all afternoon long.

Aside from my internship, the Home to Texas program gave us a research project which involved each community team conducting interviews. I chose community members of all types: politicians, educators, lawyers, long-time and short-time residents. I was very nervous to be hosting the interviews, but after doing my first interview I realized I have nothing to worry about. I was the one asking the questions, not the one answering them. The interviews then became much easier and turned into conversations and I no longer needed my script. The same 10 questions either received similar responses or responses that you would never have thought of. It was very interesting and alerting to listen to what people in your community had to say of the place they and myself lived in.

Overall, I would say participating in this program was the best thing I could have done all summer, especially after a year of being locked in quarantine. It was my first full-time job, well, my first job-ever. It was an eye-opener of how independent one must become when entering the “adult-life.” To any future longhorns out there wondering if you should apply for it, DO IT. There are endless perks of being a part of this program, mainly being you get to come back home and learn more about the community you came from! Many of us have one goal when graduating high school, to leave and never come back. Well, this might make you change your mind on how you view your hometown. Maybe it’s the perfect place to come back to, maybe you’re the person who can make the change your community needs. You’ll never know unless you test it out yourself.

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October 31, 2021

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