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What will my job duties be in a Home to TexasTM internship?

We expect to have a variety of internship jobs to offer. Home to TexasTM employers are not expecting students to have a specific or technical skill set but are seeking conscientious and motivated interns who are willing to participate in both the exciting and mundane activities of any viable enterprise or organization.  We favor employer applications from organizations that will mentor students and expose them to a variety of professional situations.  Before accepting an internship, you will be able to read the job description and see if the fit is right for you.

In addition to the duties assigned to you by a specific employer, you will also have responsibilities to the Home to TexasTM program.  During the internship period, Home to TexasTM students will conduct at least twelve interviews of community members and report their findings to the IC² Institute.  Prior to the internship start date, information will be provided on the format for these interviews and reports. Home to TexasTM students also will be required to attend two pre-internship on-campus meetings, at least four video-calls throughout the summer, and at least two post-internship on-campus meetings.

Will my pay vary depending on the type of employer I work for?

No.  All Home to TexasTM students will receive the same scholarship amount, $5,000, from UT Austin, with no further payment to come directly from employers.

What are the work hours for the internships?

All Home to TexasTM interns will work 40 hours per week for their assigned organizations.  An exact work schedule will be discussed prior to the start of the internship.  Most schedules will be 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with an hour off for lunch.

Note that Home to TexasTM interviews take place outside of regular work hours. Students will generally schedule research interviews before or after work or during lunch hours.  Research interviews can only be scheduled during regular work hours with prior approval from the employer and an agreement to “flex” or make up work hours.

Students are not expected to take vacation time during the 9-week internship.  Very rare exceptions can be granted if both the employer and the UT program director (Dr. Markman) approve for specific reasons.

Students should find out the organization’s policies on sick leave and  and the steps one should take if ill (e.g., doctor’s note, notification to supervisor/coworkers, etc.).

How were the communities for Home to TexasTM chosen?  Why are there no Home to TexasTM internships in my community?

The Home to TexasTM program is supported by the School of Undergraduate Studies and organized by the IC² Institute, a research department concerned with economic development outside of urban corridors.  After more than 40 years of contributing to entrepreneurial wealth creation and research on technology commercialization in Austin and at sites around the world, the IC² Institute is turning its attention to community economic growth in less-studied areas.  The institute sees that rural regions and small or isolated cities have a crucial role to play in the economy in Texas, in the United States more broadly, and particularly around the world where many countries have a larger rural population than we do in the US.  The Home to TexasTM initiative is part of IC²’s mission as a “think and do tank”—gathering and analyzing information on communities and their challenges and developing practical programs to address those challenges.  For the summer of 2020, Home to TexasTM communities were selected based on fit to the IC² research mission, community interest, and funding availability.


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