Donaldsonville, Louisiana, wins $2,000 to go toward technology for local high school

The IC2 Institute has awarded $2,000 to Donaldsonville, Louisiana, for having the highest percentage of participation in a research survey conducted by the institute during this past summer.

The money will go to the local Donaldsonville High School to help the school continue to provide students with the necessary technology to achieve ongoing academic growth during the pandemic.

“The Donaldsonville High School administration, faculty and staff, along with the Ascension Parish School Board, recognize the importance of community support as a major component in student success,” said Kim Guidry, Library Media Specialist and Virtual School Coordinator at Donaldsonville High School. “We extend our gratitude to the institute and to our community for this opportunity to bless the students and families of Donaldsonville High School.”

In mid-March, shortly after the shutdown began in Texas, IC2 launched the Regional Economic Recovery Initiative to address the need for information on how our region was handling the pandemic at the local level and to provide research-driven strategies for how to address those challenges. Initially, community research was planned for all regions of Texas. However, a gift from the Louisiana Bucket Brigade allowed IC² to extend the research to communities in southern Louisiana, particularly the River Parishes.

Throughout the summer, a robust team of IC2 researchers and students conducted roughly 1,000 interviews and gathered almost 8,000 online surveys from the Texas and Louisiana communities.

The survey incentive award was offered as a way to encourage as many community members as possible to take the survey. Of the three River Parish communities studied, Donaldsonville had the highest percentage of community member participation in the survey.

“This award to Donaldsonville High recognizes the city’s overwhelming response to the economic diversification survey conducted over the summer. The Louisiana Bucket Brigade–in working toward a healthy, diversified Louisiana economy–is privileged to be a part of this project and to work with Donaldsonville toward its achievement of completing the most surveys based on population. Donaldsonville can and will be an important part of our state’s success.”  

Lenora Gobert, Economic Development Advisor, Louisiana Bucket Brigade

From this research, the institute created individual reports on 68 Texas and Louisiana communities, as well as a larger report on the state of the State of Texas. The research has also been used by competitors in the 2nd George Kozmetsky Memorial Student Challenge and the Regional XLR8 Strategic Planning and Leadership Program, which includes three Donaldsonville local economic development leaders — Kate MacArthur, Juanita Pearley and Lee Melancon — as participants.

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