ATI supports relocation of 13 companies to Austin in first year of Landing Pad Program

The Austin Technology Incubator’s Landing Pad Program supports early stage technology companies by leveraging ATI’s network and community insight to accelerate that company’s acculturation into the Austin business ecosystem. While the program has been in place loosely in the past, in its first formal year in 2011, ATI supported 13 companies in their moves to Austin, including: Amatra, BlackLocus, Convergence Wireless, Digital Harmony Games, Drivve, DXUp Close, SceneTap, Social Muse, Tactical Information Systems and V-Chain Solutions. Additionally, serial entrepreneur Ben Dyer moved to Austin from Atlanta with TechDrawl, and he has since helped launch and relocate two new startups: NightRaft and BeHome247.

“The Landing Pad Program formalizes a twenty plus year ‘welcoming’ effort, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the 13 companies who became part of the Austin ecosystem in 2011,” said Robert Reeves, ATI’s Director of IT and Wireless.

The Austin Technology Incubator’s Landing Pad Program is designed to assist companies in quickly taking advantage of Austin’s nurturing business climate. It serves companies relocating to Austin or establishing its North American headquarters in the city. Participants tend to be “early stage” high technology companies in the biosciences, clean energy, wireless and IT industries and are not appropriate for the incentive packages targeted for the Fortune 1000.

For more information on how a company can join the Landing Pad Program, see the ATI website or call 512-305-0000.

See also: Austin Business Journal, January 23, 2012


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January 23, 2012